Chris Tux Redux


category: internet sensation

Our resident Chris Tucker impressionist, drinkspiller, employs his vocal mimicry in an attempt to get Jackie Chan to commit to Rush Hour 4.
  • Chris calls Jackie's agent, demanding to speak with Jackie.
  • Chris explains that he lost his phone in some ridiculous manner and didn't write down Jackie's number.
  • Chris again demands to speak with Jackie, reminding his agent that he's the black Owen Wilson. No, that Owen Wilson is the white Chris Tucker.
  • Chris starts to pitch Rush Hour 4 to the reluctant agent.
  • Chris is clearly writing the script as he goes along.
  • Chris pleads to speak to Jackie, telling his agent how he needs this movie, and describing a ridiculous series of events that now result in his desperation.
  • The conversation is documented and published on YouTube.
  • Fanboys start a petition to film and release Rush Hour 4 per Chris's rambling creative direction.

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