Tender Whispers


Fresh Meat is a supplement to the Rivet St. Louis recruitment efforts. The microsite will be a point of entry for young, curious creative types yearning for a workplace of gestalt and cannibalism, and will find its way to various online hiring hangouts. The movie(s) will have a home on YouTube, too, and hopefully a life of their own. (More episodes will be up soon, plus other treats as time permits, so keep those lids peeled and ponchos at the ready.)

This is a quiet beta launch for us to do a bit of fine-tuning and momentum-gathering. Imperfections are glaring, but please poke around, enjoy, and drop me a line with any bugs / questions / comments.

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At 7/21/08 8:55 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

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At 7/21/08 9:02 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

A few little suggestions:
- when the woman gestures towards herself, I expected blood, easily flung forward, to splatter onto her blouse

- the larger splatters which serve as links only show their destination once. Since the speaker is engaging, I missed what they were. Rolling over them indicates they are "hot" through the drip rollover state, but don't indicate where they lead. It might be nice if when rolled over, the text came back too.

- Suppose I want to read the description for multiple positions. Instead of taking me offsite in another tab, could the descriptions be pulled into the Fresh Meat site so I can easily open, skim, close, open, skim, close?

- She's gonna stab me with a kitchen knife. Her delivery is so pleasant, I'm looking forward to it.


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