Damn the Luck!


Scene: A line of troops are seen boarding a cargo plane. As we see several troops enter the plane, A higher ranking officer is directing the troops through the plane entrance. After all-but-one solider passes thru, the higher ranking officer stops the line. "Hold-on, pal". You see the ranking officer receive some-sort of message from his headset. Listening... Listening. He then tells the last remaining solider in line, "Sorry, but Bush just sent in new orders. Troop withdrawal has been putt on hold. You're going to have to go back." "What!" says the solider. "But, what about the other guys on the plane." "Sorry, they're grandfathered in", says the ranking officer. Solider replies, "I can't believe my luck." The solider turns around to head back to camp when a sniper fires a head-shot and kills him instantly. Scene.


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