Stranger than Fiction


Just recently viewed this movie. Was mighty impressed with title sequences. Take a peak and enjoy.

Done by our Missouri boys at MK12.

Make It Happen


Some useful links there.



MobZombies explores a new dimension of handheld gaming by adding motion awareness to classic arcade style gameplay. Using a handheld device, and a custom motion sensor, players enter a virtual world infested with pixel-art zombies (a homage to vintage 8-bit console games). The goal of the game is to stay alive, running away from or planting bombs to destroy the ever-encroaching zombies.


Category: URL seeks purpose, enlightenment

O'Fallon's 5-day IPA convinced me to purchase the aforementioned URL, which is a real humdinger, methinks. I'd like to stir up some clever content, and I'd like your assistance. Subdomains work pretty well (, so maybe it's an automated apologizer (something god knows *I'd* never need)? Or a mannish sobfest? Halp!

Trombone Pleasantry