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The Colbert Report and Late Night with Conan O'Brien both do a fine job using the web to engage their loyal fan base. In the case of Colbert's Green Screen Challenge and O'Brien's Horny Manatee, they even solicited audience-generated content. They're sensitive to viewer desire, and how that desire may actually sculpt their shows.

I propose that their programs (and others of their ilk) would respond favorably autonomous, community-based "movements" -- particularly if they offer something of comedic or curiosity value.

Por exemplo, Conan's set is unbelievably posh. Nearly every surface is plush purple and gold. However, drummer Max Weinberg's bandstand has clearly been overlooked. Specifically, his diminutive stairs (all three of them) look about as well kept as those on a rickety fishing trawler. Where all other surfaces are befitting the set's jazz lounge feel, Max's stairs -- viewed only in Conan's pass from monologue to desk, feel, well, unloved. It's no wonder, either. Max, a jew, is often the butt of Conan's jokes. The unfinished, amateurish staircase to his percussionist roost is probably another deliberate reminder of his imposed second-class status. In my estimation, this shameful display must stop. That's why I've established, an organization dedicated to equitable stairs, or whatever.



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Through a series of interviews, historical accounts, and graphs, mockumentarians propose that an intercommunicating network of know-it-all grandfathers was the precursor to the modern internet -- complete with slogging downloads, factual inaccuracies, quasi-political rants, and caches of pornography.

a design ritual


a project, ritualistic in nature, to force oneself to complete one illustration for every day of an entire year.

a commitment, a visual diary, a labored expression.

Ritual Lab's 100th post (who hoo!)

Global Warming. AIDS. Nuclear War. Potholes.


Global Warming. AIDS. Nuclear War. Potholes.

Now more than ever, democracy requires the motivated participation of every citizen. At times such as these, the governed must ascend the political ranks to perform their highest civic duty as a virtuous representative of their community, region, or ideology. But since the virtue of elected officials is in noted short supply, one must wonder if the election process itself warps the character of the politician, transforming even the most honorable candidate into a husk of a man, devoid of all compassion, reason and fairness.

Let’s find out.

Join your comrades of the Know-Nothing Party this Saturday night (1/27) to hastily assemble the campaign of Honest “Abe” Siemsen for Alderman of the 24th Ward. Build a platform. Scribe a slogan. Plant a yard sign. Dodge a question.

Matt Jensen
Campaign Strategist
Honest “Abe” Siemsen for Alderman of the 24th WardLab

48 Hour Poster Project

From Christina Ruppert of the 48 Hr. Film Project ...

Hey Filmmakers--

Are you or any of your friends a poster designer? If so, we invite you to enter the 48 Hour Film Project Poster Contest 2007!

Submit a poster to become the official 2007 48HFP poster, displayed at 48HFPs around the country and world!


- Top 10 posters to be exhibited at Filmapalooza in Albuquerque , NM , March 8-11, 2007! [Filmapalooza is a great weekend of screenings, workshops and awards—and it’s open to all 48HFP Filmmakers. For more details go to: ]

- The designers of the Top 10 selections will receive a gorgeous, full-color printed version of their poster.

- AND, the winner receives a cash prize of $500!

Start your design right away and enter by February 16, 2007.

Go to for all poster specifications and submission directions.

Your design could be the winner! Get started today!

- The 48 Hour Film Project Team

What *won't* he say?!




Check it fools:

Microsoft and some fellas at UDUB have collaberated on combining at couple of pre-extisting technologies into (what will become) a new medium. A real-time 3D model of digital photos that share similar properties to re-create an entire virtual reality envirnment. It's like taking QuickTime VR to a whole other level.

Image taking a bunch of random photos of Times Square and using Photosynth to process a 3D model of that entire block in NewYork City. You can re-live the experience of taking your grandma to New York city and witnessing the naked cowboy and cowgirl fight for the best street coner. Always bet on Naked Cowgirl... Always.

numerals + Math.random


Sometimes a vision of design will jump into my mind for a split second, most likely inspired by things I recently mentally digested. This is one of those images that I documented a long time ago that flickered across my brain. I thought it would be a good actionscript test for me.

Inspired by Flash Math Creativity

metrostink + google maps API


In a city sprawled by car culture and the great white flight of the 50s-60s, public transportation stands little chance. It doesn't help that our light rail system has a confusing existence online. Want to know where that metro stop is? Here, download this 26meg PDF.

Here is an alternative to get a high level view of which stop is where.

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