Will (you) work for beer


Wanted: Perfectionist HTML / CSS / JS coder to pay it forward, develop gallery microsite for beta iteration of FoundFutures alpha.

Details: 3(ish) total pages, "floating" foreground elements atop static background, Lightbox JS for gallery items. Collaboration and guidance welcome and appreciated. Tokyo to provide all content and graphics support.

Timeline: Yesterday, of course.

Payment terms: Non-monetary but negotiable (alcohol, undying gratitude, future right of first refusal on FF projects)

Contact: tokyocrunch at geemail dot comskis

PSDs available at DivShare for further investigation.

The world needs heroes.


At 12/2/07 3:52 PM, Blogger Jake Dunagan said...

we might also be able to offer regional meat-centric dishes from at least 2.5 continents.

At 12/4/07 9:13 AM, Blogger hebchop said...

damn it ella!!

I'd love to help but I can't commit to time-frames. I'll check back post-birth to see whats up.

At 12/28/07 11:12 AM, Blogger hebchop said...

any movement on this? My schedule opens up a bit mid Jan.

At 1/3/08 11:04 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Natron has made some marvelous progress. He shall be rewarded in kind.


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