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[09:32] Drinkspiller: At the mile-long magazine rack at Borders looking at all these ridiculous niche magazines it occured to me that there is one unfilled: Minivan Magazine. Attractive women posing against (and inside) minivans. I wanted to mock up an issue.
[09:34] Drinkspiller: I know. Mind blowing stuff. Breathe.
[09:34] tokyocrunch *bgca: "Minivan Man"?
[09:35] Drinkspiller: I think the execution is funny. I think people would actually buy the thing too.
[09:35] tokyocrunch *bgca: Maxim for the losers bracket
[09:35] Drinkspiller: exactly
[09:36] tokyocrunch *bgca: shows promise
[09:36] Drinkspiller: that's the subtitle
[09:36] tokyocrunch *bgca: relies on execution, but yes, shows promise
[09:36] Drinkspiller: down for mocking it with me?
[09:36] tokyocrunch *bgca: it depends which punchline(s) you choose, i guess
[09:36] tokyocrunch *bgca: sure
[09:37] Drinkspiller: user photo contest with "what I fit inside"
[09:38] tokyocrunch *bgca: are you considering this a one-off?
[09:38] Drinkspiller: we bought this for a project at CB:

we can make a few pages to mock some feature ideas too
[09:38] Drinkspiller: yeah, a one off
[09:42] tokyocrunch *bgca: i think there's a stronger punchline than the minivan (posing babes, "what i fit inside", etc.) that speaks to the odd blend of self-actualization and self-resignation that comes from a man who drives a minivan. so that the minivan becomes merely a symbol for a lifestyle. or are you proposing something more akin to a gearhead car mag that features only minivans?
[09:54] Drinkspiller: I honestly hadn't thought about it beyond the key ingredients (minivans/babes/magazine) but i think you bring up an obviously good point: "what's the position"?
[09:55] Drinkspiller: I think you might be right that the lifestyle punchline is the stronger big picture
[09:55] tokyocrunch *bgca: i mean, it could be a viable niche magazine, too



At 11/13/07 10:59 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

As a minivan owner, I suggest incorporating MILFs.

In regards to what/how much can fit, maybe "how many midget MILFs can fit" -- "MINI MILFs"???? I guess that is a separate category altogether.

FWIW Stow-and-go seating *is the bomb*. Perhaps the adult version is "Stow & Blow"

At 11/13/07 11:13 AM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

"In regards to what/how much can fit, maybe 'how many midget MILFs can fit' -- 'MINI MILFs'????"

Natron: Looking forward to your photo submission. We'll add it to the first edition.

At 11/13/07 11:36 AM, Blogger bendango said...

Your monthly/bi-monthly editorial section (or fold-out of pimped-out passenger pin-ups) is titled "Minivanities" right?

At 11/16/07 5:11 PM, Blogger TBGE said...

I don't think this is a mag that dudes would get into without the centerfoldesque approach. How many manly men you know drive a Caravan? However, I think the result of turning “Minivan” into an oiled-up skin machine would be hilarious.

I see the soccer mom brigade buying this thing if it were a legitimate product. It could be chalked full of things like "In Ride Movie Reviews", "Snack Attack" (recipes for quick and easy snacks on the go), "Day Tripping" (quick, gas cheap, trips to forgotten locations in the country’s suburbs), "My Mini" (for a profile of a reader and how they accessorize their van). Blah, blah, blah.

I'd be up for a mock article in any case... just gimme a holler.


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