Globalization's Losers


After 9 months with the Songhay in Ghana, and very little contact with home, I was devastated to see high sorcerer Mbembe Zorko wearing a Mets "Eastern Division Champions" t-shirt. I then knew we were close, but came up short. I bet it was that damn Willie Randolph who blew it. He doesn't know how to handle pitchers.

See article.


At 11/9/07 12:22 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

"Menudat, why would goat ever be a curse?"

At 11/9/07 12:49 PM, Blogger bendango said...

Archaeologists in 3238 are going to be pissed when they learn of the real 2007 World Series champs.

At 11/9/07 3:05 PM, Blogger Jake Dunagan said...

You know, this already felt like an American Feelings kind-of post anyway. Well, I guess we share a love for ethnographic surrealism, although I am disturbed by their eerie similarities.


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