RitualLab lurker gonegonegone wrote me a compelling missive, which I post below with permission:
I have been thinking about something you said while we were having lunch in Murphys over the summer. You said that one thing that you found unappealing about being a vegetarian is that (by definition) you limit the palate that you experience. This is true. I am thinking about slightly revising my eating ethos. Since I have friends and family scattered around, I get a chance to travel around a little bit and I think one thing that is worth eating is the broad category of "regional specialties." Foods are important and if a region has something that it is known for it's probably for good reason. I think it gives you an insight into the 'vibe' (for lack of a better word) of an area, and shows what ingredients and techniques are local. This idea first started last year when I was in Baja and basically the only thing in restaurants was lobster that are caught right off the coast. It seemed a shame to pass 'em up. Now I'm not talking eating any old swill just because I'm in town. I mean something that an area is known for, from the best place to get it. My first step is to find the best fish tacos in San Diego and scarf them. By my quick estimations, future eating endeavors should include:

New Orleans: Jambalaya
Philadelphia: Philly Cheese Steak
Seattle: Crabs (eating em, not getting em)
Some rural area: antelope or something of the sort
The South: BBQ

International destinations lend themselves to all sorts of possibilities.

This is a slippery slope, but I think it's worth exploring. What else am I missing?

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At 11/16/07 4:59 PM, Blogger TBGE said...

Let me extend invitations to gonegonegone, tokyocrunch and other interested labrats...

I happen to currently be at the most glorious of worlds - "deer camp". I will be getting up about 4:30 tomorrow morning in an attempt to re-stock my freezer for the coming year.

Venison is commonplace in the kitchens of Minnesota, but not so much in the culinary establishments throughout the state. I have adapted my recipes to include the use of venison over beef. While the simple thick cut chop is probably the most worthy of your cause, other ethnic dishes work quite well when done with a little forethought (fajitas, spaghetti with meatballs, pepper steak stir fry, etc.).

If ever you get the time and hankering, let me know. I can offer a full plate and a place to rest your head/soul.

Now if you'll please excuse me - the cribbage and whisky await...

At 11/17/07 6:07 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

There is a variation, perhaps, wherein you consume one of every living creature (by genus, perhaps?) -- the carnivore's checklist by which we assert our food chain superiority. Stick to leafy greens otherwise, mind you.

There is also a potential book idea here.

At 11/18/07 11:59 AM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

TBGE: I'd gladly defrag your hard drive (wink wink) for a sleeve of deer sausage.

I'm anxious to check off the Deer genus.


At 11/18/07 12:40 PM, Blogger bendango said...

If you're willing to part with a meager fraction of your take, I'd pay ya tastily.


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