Documentary Vignette - Winter


Brief Synopsis - Winter

Dormant are the trees. Having dropped another carpet of leaves on the forest floor, every footstep in the woods his heard crunching yards away. The snow doesn’t come as early as it once did, notes Wayne, as another snow-less Christmas passes. After being chased for a few weeks during the hunt, the deer settle back into their daily routines.

As does Wayne. Winter is his “downtime”. He fills his hours by visiting friends and neighbors, babysitting for his children and taking up a myriad of wood working projects in his garage/shop.

Another year has come and gone. The seeds were planted, grown through diverse conditions and taken to market. The ground was prepped for the coming year. As the years winds to a close, so are the events that mark Wayne’s life. Having “retired” at age 65 (which to him meant selling the beef cattle and only concentrating on cash crops), he occasionally thinks of buying a house in town and giving up this silly dance with the seasons. He’d like to be at the mercy of something other than the weather for a change. But for now, having consumed a hearty meatball supper and piece of pie, he is content. The question no one seems to want to address is… who will be there to plant next year’s seed?


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