Documentary Vignette - Summer


Brief Synopsis – Summer

The days begin to stretch like a good piece of saltwater taffy. The changes are slow and gradual, yet noticeable. The hills are green, the creeks are cold, and the coneflowers have started gaining color.

Wayne is busy as well. There’s hay to be made, fertilizer to be sprayed, and one last chance to cultivate between the rows. The days are getting long enough to enjoy a little fishing in the early evening.

Remembrances range from his high school days in Houston (the only town he was ever schooled in), to farming as a bachelor. And of course how he and his wife Elsie met at the hospital while each were visiting sick relatives. Wayne would never wish harm on anyone, but he recalls how happy he was that his mother was sick that year. It’s because of that he was able to raise 3 children in the same house he grew up in.


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