Documentary Vignette - Spring


Brief Synopsis: Spring

Winter’s grip begins to unravel in the Driftless area. Seasoned icicles drop from their perches, mountains of snow morph into tiny streams, and the tree sap once again flows freely. Excitement, enthusiasm and optimism fill the air as the animals of Southeastern Minnesota’s bluff country begin to forage and gather after another long, hard winter. Coats are preened, calls perfected and nest materials gathered in preparation for spring.

One farmer in particular has cabin fever. Wayne Olson looks up his valley at his fields, just as his father and grandfather have done before him. 125 years of knowledge reside in him and he is anxious from the promise brought to him on an almost tropical 65 degree March day.

For Wayne has been busy too. He has been readying his equipment, with a plan in his head for this years harvest. Reminiscing about days past - how he has been involved in this cycle for the last 72 years. He remembers fondly moments with his father and grandfather, as well as his children and grandchildren. Life is new again and fills his lungs, brain and heart with hope.


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