Documentary Vignette - Fall


Brief Synopsis - Fall

Autumn is all about change. The days burn hot at the start and cool at the end. It may begin with fierce thunderstorms and end with vicious blizzards. Father time burgles from each day, causing everyone to comment on how it gets dark so early. The fawns loose their spots, the geese formations soar overhead, and the milkweed casts its silky seeds to the wind.

It is the busiest time of the year for Wayne. Combining, hauling, storing, plowing; dealing with all challenges as they arise. He puts in long hours for nearly a month, taking his lunch with him on most days.

Wayne’s business doesn’t stop there. The father of 3 married children, and proud grandfather to 7 kids all under the age of 7, he’s the constant farmer carney – giving tractor rides to the wide-eyed kids when he can. Wayne is reaping the rewards of his life, harvesting the smiles and hugs from the little ones around him. And while his body can’t do what it once could (a fact which frustrates him), he see the potential of the strong, limber bodies and wonders if any of them will have the ability and, more importantly, the desire to continue this century farm


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