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Fine print:

HV-B2 is an aggressive strain of airborne influenza. Those experiencing any of the following symptoms must report to designated quarantine zones for immediate treatment: fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, conjunctivitis and/or breathing problems

Due to a confirmed outbreak of HV-B2 on Oahu, Hawai’i, the NAIE has imposed emergency procedures for the quarantine of all civilians experiencing any of the symptoms of HV-B2 infection. All civilians with and without symptoms are required to cooperate with official personnel under penalty of felony. Under Emergency Issuance 567, resistance to official personnel may be met with response including lethal force.

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At 9/25/07 8:56 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

You know, maybe these things will stand on their own ... under "real" circumstances whoever posted an ALL CLEAR would first remove a WARNING, yes?

At 9/25/07 9:46 PM, Blogger bendango said...

To argue for "no" for the sake of flushing this through the pipes, a few instances when the "WARNING" signs wouldn't be removed:

1) Sign replacement workers are likely volunteers and miss some or forget where all were posted.

2) Volunteers miss some signs because activists/concerned citizens/friends/bands have pasted signs on top of them, leaving them slightly (or completely) obscured.

3) A link in the chain of command breaks (due to miscommunication, misinterpretation, misinformation, etc.) and an order is issued to designate a contaminated area as "all clear" when it is not; the confusion lasts for some time and efforts are abandoned to correct the mistake.

At 9/25/07 10:42 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

To add to Bendango's list:
no/few all clears posted in the hardest affected areas for fear of lingering, perhaps dormant infection.

At 9/25/07 10:44 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

I'm thinking each RL post like this should contain a link to a contextual article on the site. Something like: mock up submission for Hawaii Futures scenario[link]

For example, Read the context below the image:

At 9/25/07 11:46 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Whatever the result, I think we must be excruciatingly cautious with these two posters, lest we get Aqua Teen Hunger Forced. Into prison.

At 9/26/07 1:30 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

The more I think about this, the more I think the WARNING sign shouldn't be used, except in the gallery setting. It's legally hairy, socially irresponsible, and altogether unnecessary in communicating the narrative event. The ALL CLEAR sign is totally adequate and just as potent.


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