Future Artifacts: Checkpoint Charlie


My venerable comrades, our fingernails beg for dirt.

After stimulating discussion of the effect of lunar cycles on life, environment, and culture, we've approached a critical moment in this Future Artifacts project. Under the expert discreet massage of Stuarts and Jakes, the future scenarios (which will manifest themselves in the artifacts) have formed their narrative edges. Getting these scenarios ironed out was crucial to aligning the efforts of the artifact designers, as well as positioning the experience to resonate with the audience and the specific critical cultural issues we've discussed.

At your earliest convenience, please review the important updates to the "FoundFutures Fall 2007" Google Doc. If you have trouble accessing it, drop me a line.

For those of you interested creation like the old days (Genesis), our tasks are now twofold (yikes, at least): 1) to reexamine, modify, and execute our homegrown artifact ideas to cohere with the scenarios described and 2) select executions proposed by others in the Google Doc and volunteer our skills and services of production.

I will be contacting you individually to discuss ideas, gauge interest, and, pending interest, assign tasks. In the perfect scenario we will be collaborating on artifacts. Please also use the comment thread as a place for discussion and nomination of executions both homegrown and concocted by politically progressive high-functioning Marmosets (in powdered wigs).

The gallery show will be October 23rd. Ready-to-produce (print) artifacts need to be ready in two weeks. Obviously, this approaches rapidly and requires immediate commitment. But hey, an art opening that doesn't smell like paint is like a Metrolink ride that doesn't smell like Larry.


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