Some More Found Future Ideas


I'm interested in the human aspects that will stay the same - buying food, getting a job, listening to the news -- so here are some ideas along those lines:

Grocery Store Receipt: What everyday products will have been invented\produced\marketed? How much will products we have now cost? How will new items fit into\complement existing products?

Job Listings: What new jobs will be created? What will the job requirements be? What jobs that we have now will still be around? What new requirements will be added to existing jobs?

News Podcast: NPR podcast from the future - what will be the headlines? What headlines will be the same, only re-shaped in a future context? What other news delivery systems will exist in the future? How will news-addiction be treated? Will there people who bet on when major news events occur, and where? How will events happening now be referred to as history? What can we extrapolate from current events? What will the stock market be doing, and how will it respond to those events?

With these items perhaps a dystopic view of the future can be painted in a more subtle way.

FWIW, Nathan


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