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Time: Present day. Three years ago, a human was cloned in secrecy. All birth documents were forged through a cooperative rogue nurse. Facing old age and health problems, the lead scientist who created the child is about to die. He and his small team reveal the now three year old child to the world. The news spark public outrage, which quickly turns to violence and leads to deaths. Opinion is fervently divided. Some say the child has a soul and should live, others insist this un-godly creation should be destroyed.

Possible endings:
In a dream sequence we see the young boy building a sand castle. The shot widens to reveal an identical boy next to him building an identical sand castle. The child darts up from sleep. Is the waking child a clone? The original boy? Are there two of him or was it a dream? He gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen and eats:
a. computer parts
b. a live frog
c. his thumb...and grows another!

2. Abortion clinics across the nation are bombed. It is later revealed the boy is not in fact a clone. So called proponents of life have bombed and killed hundreds. For what I ask you? For what?!!?!?!?

3. The boy is shot. Is there another of him out there?


At 8/23/07 3:22 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

A babies?!

At 8/23/07 4:17 PM, Blogger heavyartillery said...

In the last shot, the boy is wearing a shirt with a picture of himself wearing a shirt with a picture of himself wearing shirt with a picture of himself wearing a shirt...

At 8/23/07 4:53 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Perhaps the narrative uncovers a natural, consistent, unforeseen psychological irony of cloning: duplication of an entity runs afoul of the survival instinct.

To wit, clones and their originals cannot knowingly co-exist. So strong is their fundamental desire for an independent, singular identity that they are driven to homicide. Both clone(s) and original presume they are the sole and rightful "owner" of their identity, and for sake of perpetuation will eliminate any interference with the purity of their genetic transmission.

Beep boop beep!

At 8/23/07 6:36 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

Ashley: Must kill Mary Kate.
Mary Kate: Must kill Ashley.


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