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Since the national media is more wrapped up with hurricane Dean many people are not aware of how bad things are here. Our home has registered about 12-17 inches of rain since Saturday (most of it coming in 24 hrs). I'm not sure of the total because our rain gauge overflowed. By comparison, south Texas is expecting 5-10 with pockets up to 20 when Dean hits. We essentially had a hurricane without the wind.

My family is ok, but I actually know one of the confirmed dead. My wife's drive to work may very well be about 1-2 hours now (instead of 20 minutes) because so many bridges and roads are out (and by out I mean no longer existing). Nearly everyone I know has some sort of damage to their home or property (including us). The pics I took (link below) may not be as pretty as the STL ice shine pics, but they sure do remind me that even the ground under my feet gets taken for granted too often.

Do me a favor and give someone a hug today... I'm going to try to get more photos tomorrow. The National Guard won't let people into the worst areas, so I'll try to work around that. Hopefully you downstreamers don't bear any ill effects due to all of our hydration.



At 8/21/07 8:08 AM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

Glad to hear your family is well, TBGE.

At 8/21/07 4:31 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Even after the sh*tstorm, that still looks like God's country to me ...


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