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Last evening I was joined by LabRats bendango and underscore for some follow-up on our future artifacts discussion. A few new ideas surfaced, and we returned to themes of media, eco-corporate sponsors (reforesting huge swaths in a logo shape visible from space, reconfiguring natural waterfalls [vid above]), and medicine (mosquitoes that vaccinate, anti-cancer deodorant).

We agreed to mutual fascination with the clumsily named "awkward intermediate step" of cultural evolution, in which we will remain perpetually nestled as long as technology develops rapidly and non-heuristically. [An example and potential execution done been posted a while back.]

It seems that many of our ideas favor the "continuation" scenario category, in that there needn't be a particularly dramatic or improbable trajectory change for them to come about. A commonly anticipated characteristic of that category is "crass commercialization", as Jake notes. Our ideas with a commerce angle have merit here (fwiw, I particularly like the sponsored teleportation scenario, wherein you sell forehead adspace for the duration of your trip. It also works nicely considering Hawaii as a tourist destination. Execution would be a cinch: normal holiday snaps, with pshopped forehead tats). Teleportation, though a somewhat tired concept, also plays nicely into Hawaii's island identity.

So, I'm picking out some favorites of my own -- what about y'all? Which ideas / scenarios do you think would stimulate you enough to actually execute some manifestation of them?


At 8/15/07 4:09 PM, Blogger heavyartillery said...

Thinking about a few things with regards to Artifacts From the Future- still trying to link them in terms of the 4 categories, but I think they'd certainly fit into the Continuation path.

You've no doubt seen Redi-Mix-Concrete: brown bag, top tears off, add water and Bingo! instant sidewalk etc. I'm picturing Redi-Mix Tables or Chairs or lawnmowers, etc. We show the used, empty bag (or other container) and the viewer must come up with on their own how society came to be using it or developing it.

Was also taking some aspirin at work the other day from one of those little packs you tear open, Not For Resale, comes in a bulk box the company keeps in the first aid locker, etc. I'd like to see a graphic rendering or even better, real model, of a similar item, torn open, obviously used, maybe even the same type of name as we see now (it was Alleve I took) but the description on the pack is "For temporary relief of pain due to radiation" or maybe it's an Appendectomy pack, tablet form, some name or description, who cares what it actually looks like, the viewer would have to come up with that own his or her own, as well as *how* that thing cme to be. Was it government issued? Can you buy it at StarGreens Pharmacy?

Lastly, I wondered if it's been considered to stage, even as a small, static, scale model (though a life size, working display would be fun too, though perhaps logistically improbable) an "excavation" site- a scene showing a recognizable building in Chinatown or other locale that's currently (in the future) being unearthed again after the mudslides caused by catastophic climate changes 50 years ago. Myabe there's a vacant lot to be used. Just a few thoughts, sorry I missed Tuesday's get together. hope to be there next time.

At 8/25/07 2:11 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

Tablet wrappers for:
"Undo" Brand 30-Minute Memory Eraser
30-Minute Memory Booster
Course in French (or many other subjects)
Family Memories (a la chew to remember / chew to forget)
Testical Recharge

At 8/25/07 2:15 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

A discarded package or advertisment for a cellphone jamming device, used in QuietBars and other information-free zones.

P.S. Sorry I'm all late and wrong....... But hey, thought I'd jump in now that I have the chance.


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