Future Artifacts: Checkpoint Alpha


Last evening I was joined by LabRats drinkspiller, defective guru, digital cowboy, hebchop, bendango, and heavy artillery for ruminations on the future (The future, Conan?). After the loosest possible rundown of futures studies and the endeavor at hand, we explored in equally loose form the categories of future experiences and how artifacts might manifest themselves. In suppository form.

Above is the video referenced by choppers. Following are the scribbles in my moleskine, which I hope serve to remind you of their context. We were all over the place, and the notes reflect it. Please add any additional info and afterthought to the comments thread.

  • mortality - extracting segments of worm dna, "life savings" >> pay in years of life, pass down longevity to children, trade longevity for luxury, carbon credits

  • tech food - hpepsico, gm/monsanto, rewiring brain to interpret vegetables as sugary-sweet, "trick-or-meat!"

  • population - human bumper, "twins!" headline

  • health / medical - custom medication (the Skye pill, with coating to inhibit consumption by anyone else)

  • authenticity - on Antiques Roadshow they ask "is it real?" ... what items from today / tomorrow will be similarly scrutinized in the future? (plastics? products wont last forever, and are made from a diminishing resource. hair? buttons?)

  • enviro-commerce - tree farms, fifty year investment in rare woods. ethanol equivalent from sap (instead of whole plant, provides constant drip of fuel).

  • valued resources - plastic wedding rings, wood replicas

  • biological evolution - four fingers, thumblessness (yaay!), hairlessness

  • entertainment - Disneymoon

  • space - Earth's "ring" of space debris, satellite traffic

  • transportation - teleportation (first object - "pure" element in flawless shape, pile of oopsie goo, biomass layover, v1 teleporters make you stink!, punch card teleporting - fiji and cleveland similarly accessible, brand-sponsored travel applies tattoo advertisement on forehead for duration of travel, "imma be all up in your brainstem!")

  • wtf - willy wonka meets william gibson, fight the nsa through your web browser

  • ecology / environment - hawaii is paradise (because it's an ice floe)

  • bionics - software crashes result in blindness

  • politics - first pres elected because he "knows" every constituent's name (500+mil), vote instantly and remotely

  • nationalism - with weapons / resources reach can claim personal sovereignty to nations

I've invited you all to the collaborative Google Doc that more formally outlines the project and some initial ideas. Email me if you haven't received access.

Let's reconvene next Tuesday at 6pm to isolate a few themes, align them within the context of the project, and set some execution plans. Specifics forthcoming.


At 8/8/07 1:38 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Whoa, is the girl from the BBC vid the same as our blog design shehound? Spookiedookie.

At 8/8/07 2:46 PM, Blogger d.g. said...

Metadata auras: computer-science + creative cognition = politicians who never forget a face!

You know, right after the politicians get their name-recall, teens are going to end up with aura's that are essentially their myspace page following them around over their head. Imagine being able to select the gaudy patterned background which will always show up behind you when (retinal-enabled) people look at you.

At 8/10/07 10:48 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Some valuable additional reading on futures artifacts, immersive art, and issues-oriented thinking can be found on (pal-o-mine) Stuart Candy's blog, The Sceptical Futuryst.

At 8/12/07 5:08 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Join me for a future artifacts follow-up & determination of executions this Tuesday evening (Aug. 14) at 6pm, Brennan's basement in the CWE. Please RSVP please.

At 8/12/07 11:24 PM, Blogger bendango said...

my glock and I will be there.


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