Fluxus -- like us?


Fluxus is a relatively modern creative movement I won't even attempt to describe. You can find more information about it here here and here. Though it deliberately eschews definition so as to accommodate cultural stimuli, some principles are as follows:

1. Fluxus is an attitude. It is not a movement or a style.
2. Fluxus is intermedia. Fluxus creators like to to see what happens when different media intersect.
3. Fluxus creators like to mix things up. They use found and everyday objects, sounds, images, and texts to create new combinations of objects, sounds, images, and texts.
4. Fluxus should be simple. The art is small, the texts are short, and the performances are brief.
5. Fluxus should be fun. If it isn't fun, it isn't Fluxus.
Also ...
the unity of art and life,
presence in time, and
A common question re: Fluxus is its status / vitality / relevance. Is Fluxus dead? Is it alive? And it seems, like the Dadaists before them, isn't that question the whole point?


At 2/24/07 6:53 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Intermedia seems a natural playground for RL. Drinkspiller, Bizzle and I recently stumbled into an interesting (if toddling) combination of live video editing and freestyling. With technique and practice, I reckon the cross-inspired lyrics & edits could prove appreciable to observers. It sure amused the hell outta us.

We'll post results here after the next session.

At 3/2/07 7:12 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

Interesting synchronicity going on here -- I've been playing around with some live video manipulation -- aiming a video camera at liquids, pictures and physical objects and then using mxwendler to "perform" different effects and edits on them. Would be fun to put the stuff together sometime.

At 3/2/07 10:01 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

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At 3/2/07 10:16 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

He's being shy ... you can find some of his experiments here.

At 3/2/07 6:08 PM, Blogger TBGE said...

so what are you doing here? are you manipulating the video and recording your manipulations or are you using a piece of digitized footage and performing the tweaks live and we see the result (hope that question was clear)? where is music choice fitting into the equation? this is pretty cool stuff - would like more info.

you could easily combine this with something like FruityLoops to have a sort of media jam session. someone could be doing freestyle or spoken word based on the events that are transpiring. would bring open mic night to a new level...

At 3/3/07 11:31 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

These are all live recordings where I manipulated whatever the camera was pointed at -- liquids with straws to push the eddies and make bubbles etc -- and I would adjust the air, shake the liquid to get the effects. There isn't any post fx going on here. None of these recordings have the live fx stuff -- but that is coming soon -- my intention is to point a camera at something that I manipulate in real time based on the context (music, freestyle, whatever) and then I'll simultaneously add effects and cross fades in real time with some vj software -- then record the output -- so yeah we could do some cool improv open mic with a audio visual jam session


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