Antique Game Restoration


In a small antique store in southern Missouri, I ran across some old "entertainment devices" under a tarp in their storage barn. The store owner practically gave them to me (since all of them have heavy damage and significant wear). Ive tried to research the games to find a maker, but the only marks on machines is the name "ModernMarvels." This hasnt yet let me to a manufacturer or even a date of creation (I have no idea how old these really are). As time allows, Ill try and restore these back to a usable form as best I can. After 2 months, I have restored one of the Plinko style machines (finding old parts that are "similar" is time consuming and not an inexpensive enterprise).

Hopefully I will have time to disassemble, reverse engineer and restore one of the larger games soon.


At 2/14/07 9:10 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Video of functionality?

At 2/25/07 1:01 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Cast-offs from The Museum of Lost Interactions, perhaps?


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