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The Colbert Report and Late Night with Conan O'Brien both do a fine job using the web to engage their loyal fan base. In the case of Colbert's Green Screen Challenge and O'Brien's Horny Manatee, they even solicited audience-generated content. They're sensitive to viewer desire, and how that desire may actually sculpt their shows.

I propose that their programs (and others of their ilk) would respond favorably autonomous, community-based "movements" -- particularly if they offer something of comedic or curiosity value.

Por exemplo, Conan's set is unbelievably posh. Nearly every surface is plush purple and gold. However, drummer Max Weinberg's bandstand has clearly been overlooked. Specifically, his diminutive stairs (all three of them) look about as well kept as those on a rickety fishing trawler. Where all other surfaces are befitting the set's jazz lounge feel, Max's stairs -- viewed only in Conan's pass from monologue to desk, feel, well, unloved. It's no wonder, either. Max, a jew, is often the butt of Conan's jokes. The unfinished, amateurish staircase to his percussionist roost is probably another deliberate reminder of his imposed second-class status. In my estimation, this shameful display must stop. That's why I've established, an organization dedicated to equitable stairs, or whatever.


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