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Microsoft and some fellas at UDUB have collaberated on combining at couple of pre-extisting technologies into (what will become) a new medium. A real-time 3D model of digital photos that share similar properties to re-create an entire virtual reality envirnment. It's like taking QuickTime VR to a whole other level.

Image taking a bunch of random photos of Times Square and using Photosynth to process a 3D model of that entire block in NewYork City. You can re-live the experience of taking your grandma to New York city and witnessing the naked cowboy and cowgirl fight for the best street coner. Always bet on Naked Cowgirl... Always.


At 1/11/07 4:47 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Good find, Ryan. I think I saw an early permutation of this concept, but this is considerably farther along (and hey, interactive).

I also foresee this tool -- if open to public tweaks -- becoming an outlet for faux-3D puzzle-and-exploration game developers. We could make one helluva game of Myst using only this tool, a digital camera, and an afternoon in the City Museum.

(more on this idea to come ...)

At 1/11/07 5:04 PM, Blogger hebchop said...

it's interesting to see these cutting edge technologies takeoff. It usually goes like this. You'll see some viral video of a bunch of japanese dude huddled around some cool new technology. Then, two years later it shows up in some Microsoft or Apple technology.


iPhone's Interface


iTunes Coverflow/

At 1/12/07 10:59 AM, Blogger bizzle said...

I guess it's unfortunate that some of these technologies don't get a chance to fully reach their potential with big corporation at the healm.

Or, do they???

With big money backing product,research and developement, etc. Is this the only way technology can exsist in today's world? Or, grow at the rate it is growing today?

At 1/12/07 11:07 AM, Blogger bizzle said...

Can these technologies be used more toward science and medicine. Does a Microsoft or Apple realize the potenial of some of these technologies past their initial investments?

For example: can something like Photosynth be use for "cloud point" mapping the inside of a human being. Help med student research the body.


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