First Thing First


As the coordinators of the Redbull Soapbox Race will shamefully attest, sometimes the hoopla surrounding an event will distract from what should be its focal point. In what was to be indicitive of the entire afternoon, both of the sponsored "test runs" of the soapbox track ground to an embarassing halt some 300 feet from the finish line, requiring the vehicle's drivers to hop out and push the distance.

Unless the event is called the Red Bull A/V Steup, worry less about the A/V setup.

pope a dope


muthafuckin' bullshit.

"wac" or "WAC" or "WAC!"


In email or instant messaging vernacular, to express straight-off-the-boat appreciation of -- or, sardonically, recalcitrant disdain for -- the state of affairs; an homage to Bransonite comrade comedian Yakov Smirnoff.

In use:

StonedWilma says: I just bought a laptop for $200!
RocketSloth_085 says: WAC!

TigerPawz says: Did you hear about the new provisions to the Patriot Act?
EarbudsToo says: ugh
EarbudsToo says: wac

zombie game

Anyone interested in the development of an MM zombie game? I would like to schedule a round table w/ beers for any interested parties to discuss creative direction and resources. I have a few interested parties outside of RL, and I want to see how much firepower we have if such a thing were to go into development.

For discussion, Approach:
  • ground up development
  • modding existing game
  • pitching to game developers.
And look at / discuss a few games out there;
Also, does anyone have a connection to these guys? It would be nice to have an endorsement of the zombie squad, they have a LARGE following and they are local.

i would prefer to meet after redbird season, or on an off night. any takers?

Flexible Screens


At lunch a colleague of mine mentioned he preferred to read material printed out, as opposed to on screen. I'm the same way. I wonder why that is? Could it be that we are so accustomed, from a young age, to reading on a non-flat surface such as a floppy newspaper, floppy paper, floppy magazine, floppy book pages rounding out from the binding - that reading on a completely flat surface is just uncomfortable? That our entire perception system is hard wired to read from non-flat surfaces? If we can lay our hands on a flexible screen that bends and flops like real paper, will that work better?

I suspect it would be more comfortable, and the company to bring to market a screen that is most paper-like first will dominate the market.

What say you monkeys?

Soap Box Tailgate

Attention Labbers ...

Plans are revving their non-engines, but please join (at least) Chopper and myself for soap box tailgating at 12pm Oct. 28 in the upper Muny parking lot. Bring to share.

Retro Stream


File Under: Product

Take a retro stereo, hide a wireless internet connection within, and use some software on your PC to map your favorite podcast / stream / playlist to "stations" or presets on the stereo.

Phones of Beauty


have a look at these phone designs

check out the 'black box' entry from 28 september and the 'live interface' entry from 6 july


Idea Festival


Road trip anyone?

Dream Tank


Instead of a think tank, create a dream tank and provide "freelance brainstormers".

Swatch 2.0

Create a watch with a customizable digital face. Nice screen like on the Treo. Bluetooth connectivity. Download a skin or create your own. Each custom interface skin can be programmed with alarm animation, custom type face, sensitivity to date and time. Click a button to cycle through multiple skins. Switch from conservative work or school skin to that awesome porn skin you paid 4.95 for on my website. You read it here first. Consider this prior art.

Eyes on the Prize


Netflix will pay 1 million for our good idea

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- Mgmt.

Surgical Strike

Category: Band / Performance Art

The Surgical Strike team rapels on to the stage in the middle of another band's set. Each of the other band members are incapacitated, tied and bound. The team picks up the instruments and performs the rest of the set flawlessly. At the end of the set, Surgical Strike leaves the stage, all lights on the still-bound team.