Stand behind good ideas, or sit on them.


Should a RitualLaboratory ever come to be, it shall feature one of these badass genius tables.

Doc... mean to tell me you made a soap box car out of a Delorean?

Tell me this got submitted... Nathan

flux capacitator


Here It Goes Again


You know what these guys were? Committed. And probably single. But not anymore.

HD Content


Download one of the WMV HD clips. Some beautiful footage and women. The video really doesn't have any solid content. Just some dudes travelling the world and getting HD footage. People just want to watch clips in HD... they don't care a whole lot about the content.

Again, beautiful European women... just beautiful women with scarfs.

The RedBull winner


What cart shall we race down St Louis during the RedBull competition? This is no small question. Is it creative and unique? Is it cheeky? Is it sacrilegious?

It must be all of these things.

So - my friends in conceptual crime, I ask you, "What would Indy do?"

He would put top men on the job. Who, you ask? TOP MEN.

More Expensive = Better


I propose... That we create a web storefront that sells various items at a considerable markup... Almost an absurdly high markup... And then explain that the markup will fund our creative endeavors... Perhaps the product mix is part of the buzz-factor... SOOO people will buy our absurdly high-priced items as a way to invest in our creative endeavors & the common good... A school fundraiser on crack Humpty... Something akin to what SkinnyCorp has done... Thoughts?

RitualLab Swag


Ahoy-hoy ...

For his efforts implementing & tweaking the site template, DrinkSpiller is the recipient of the first bit of RitualLab garb: a T-shirt emblazoned with the swish RitualLab logo and this bit of spontaneous nonsense. This shirt can be yours as well for a mere twenny bucks.

If you're interested in creating your own RitualLab gear, I've also uploaded an updated vector version of the RitualLab logo. But hell, men, free reign.

semi-physical chat rooms


PlaceSite takes the idea of social websites to the local realm of wi-fi hotspots. Get to know your neighbors and the neighborhood your sitting in from your wi-fi start page.

I've often thought that chat rooms & on-line social systems deteriorate the "real" human interaction methods. But the the PlaceSite team makes some good points to counter that idea.



Underscore (aka Spannie) notes that his comments are not posting properly (or at all) to

Well, this is what I've got to say to people who can't stand up for themselves:

"You smell like a hammock in September! Cold spaghetti on your head!"



Warning Signs of Lycanthropy:

Specifically, a bout of dunderheadedness lasting 10 to 15 minutes during which the suspected werewolf, in the early stages of transformation, is unable to comprehend even the most simple technologies (ie doors, light switches, pants). Preceeds all wolf-like behavior.

If you notice this bahavior in friends, family, or coworkers, CALL THE AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY.

Must be This Small to Ride


After being sandwiched out of her full seat by two overweight passengers on either side of her my finacee had an excellent idea:

Next to the little box at the gate that demands "Carry on items must fit in this space" have a mock airplane seat into which passengers must fit. "If you do not fit in this space you must purchase an additional ticket"

Have It Your Way

Those who are McSavvy know that when you make a special order ("hold the mayo") at a fast food burger joint you get a fresher sandwich.

"Hi, I'd like a McTasty, medium rare please."

Which of the big fast food chains will be the first to offer custom-cooked meat instead of the universally dry well-done?

Wear White

A few days ago my lovely fiancee called me at 4am from New York City where she was attending a bachelorette party. She explained there a lot of "niche" (gimmick) bars there. She was calling from one where all the drinks are served in coffee mugs.

When I open my bar, all drinks will be served in spill-proof sippy cups. The bartender will pour in the ingredients, add the sippy lid, shake, and serve.

The bar's name, of course: Oopsie