Template Tweak Contest


Whosoever can tweak the template of www.rituallab.com to make the central background properly extend to the bottom of the page (in both Firefox and IE) will be the lucky recipient of A PRIZE.

Shout if'n you want admin access ...

The Movie Business Challenge -- from BlogMaverick

So if you want a job, and have a great idea on how to market movies in a completely different way. If your idea works for any and all kinds of movies. If it changes the dynamics and the economics of promoting movies, email it or post it. If its new and unique, i want to hear about it. If its a different way of doing the same thing you have seen before, it probably wont get you a job, but feel free to try.

The gauntlet has been tossed.

Orphan URL Needs Loving Family

On a whim, I registered the URL www.illseeyouonline.com without any expectation of what might go there. Any thoughts?


Idea generation in Soulard. Web group here.

Thx Skye.

Soap Box Derby for Adults -- In St. Louis!

The Red Bull Soap Box Race happens on the streets of St. Louis' Forest Park October 28. Unlike most gravity-powered events, the Red Bull race follows a drag racing-like single elimination, bracketed duel format, with two racers fighting it out side-by-side down the course. The racers get a power boost at the start, too, in the form of a hefty push from their crew of four "mechanics."

Race on!




Electronic Paper + Book Form Factor


Imagine: interactive paper fitting seamlessly into traditional, paper-bound books. So much so, in fact, that the last page in paperback novels will be equipped with electronic "you might also like" and "coming soon" sections, piped in directly from Amazon.com and other internet sources. The pages themselves will be interactive, so the reader can "navigate" by following links on the pages to, for example, buy the new release from the author for that book they are navigating from.

Imagine: a Moleskine PC with 200+ pages of "electronic" pages that is the same size & form factor as my current journal. When this thing exists, I'll be able to write on pages, draw on pages, or view web content on the pages. I'll be able to bookmark web content on one page, flip to another page, draw and then bookmark another piece of web content on another page. Years later, when I pull the journal off the shelf, each bookmark is there as a snapshot. Similar to tabbed browsing in Mozilla, with the added ability to flip through the pages instead of clicking tabs.

23 Blinky Construction Signs


get some of those 3-line blinky orange-pixel construction signs and array them on a landscape, somewhat hilly, so to as many are scattered in the line of sight as possible, such as laumeier or similar. And then:

a) haiku on each, or
b) social commentary across all 23, or
c) crazy pinball ascii art animated across them all

So, what does it take to get hold of these things?