i like to watch


animated (?) short:

Classy woman in a bar bats her eyelashes at a male patron on the pickup. Patron, having noticed her the moment she walked in, noticed as well the respectable gentleman she came in with (who is currently enjoying a martini 3 feet away) and ring on her finger. Woman pulls male patron over for a whisper. His eyes widen at her obviously lustful suggestion. He replies "But what about your husband?" She assures him: "My husband has been unable to perform for years, but he permits me to find lovers to satisfy my desires. I must let you know, though, that he still enjoys 'participating', and wants to 'direct' my encounters." Guy thinks about it for all of 1 second. Cut to ...

Shot of husband sitting in corner of bedroom, enjoying martini and cigar, wearing smoking jacket. He is watching out of frame action on bed. He speaks:

"Yes, now twist it up like a balloon animal


and punch him in the balls again."



I was thinking we could do a sketch that is a reverse intervention on Abe. "Abe, do you know why all your friends are here? It's because you don't have a drinking problem and we've think it's gone far enough. We're here to put a stop to it."

"We each wrote something we'd like to read to you. We want you to listen, and then we're going to take you to a bar. Are you ready to accept our help?"

We could ambush him and have cameras rolling.

Futures Artifacts


Develop artifacts for Sustainability 2050, a retrospective of the next 50 years -- kickoff mid August in Honolulu, Hawaii. More details soon.

(petting zoo with hybrid animals)