chop chop, ladies!


Article outline:

It's a man's world. Statistically, women make up only 2% of all documented serial killers. So what does a strong-willed, independent woman need to do to elbow-in to the history books? Use what God gave you (and this helpful book, "Ladykillers: A Girl's Guide to Homocide").

po interception


Storyline: An introverted, fantasy driven postal carrier / sorter (in a pre-internet world) dabbles in emotional puppetry by intercepting, reading, and interfering with the personal correspondences of letter writers. His/her behavior--motivated by a combination of lonliness, delusion, and perverted benevolence-- escalates during the Christmas season, where either a) hilarity or b) sheer unadulterated terror ensues after he/she poses as finally-corresponding long lost relatives, lovers, etc.



Wacky Japanespanish idea snatchers!

Easy, Pointless


Novelty here.

Great Works

Business Proposition:

In the name of the public good (and positive public opinion), encourage corporations to invest time / money / knowhow to document & digitize the great works of enlightened civilization. Capture in excruciating detail the appearance, composition, and aesthetic of art, architecture, and music. Scan the Mona Lisa at 16000 dpi, map topographic features to electron-sized tolerance, archive the chemical composition of paint, etc.

Make data available free to the public for perpetual study & scrutiny. Capture enough data to recreate in virtual environment for eternal appreciation (as technology becomes available). The Microsoft Great Works Initiative. The Perpetual Gallery. The Achievement Archive.

White Fireworks In The Snow


Perhaps a scene in a movie: White fireworks in the snow. Foreground characters in a bright color. Red? (insert symbolism here, I just like the visual)

Lab Results 093005


RitualLab is Collaborative Creative Advancement
willing / habitual / truthful

"must first have balance"
art \ science
restraint \ passion
chaos \ order
(NOT gong \ chinese man)

Themes titled thusly: "love \ hate"

BALANCE prevents the emergence of a "winner". The ideas equally oppose one another, so neither prevails. Result: tension without release OR tension with delayed release.

THE BEST IDEA (most effective at communicating with audience, most satisfying to create / produce) WINS

Know your opponent. Your opponent is YOU.

PREP YOUR SHIT and determine feasibility before engaging.


Don't explain it away.

Develop Ritual scores.

/\/\/\/\/\ TRUNK /\/\/\/\/\ LIMB /\/\/\/\/\ BRANCH /\/\/\/\/
Interview technique: handing cards in public.

20 minute warm up experiments.

Virtual Fireflies


Create a realistic looking forest sceen at dusk. Flowing water? Add CGI fireflies, different colors, maybe have them create different tones when they glow. A bug symphony? Sounds fade in and out and pan left, right, up, down with the movement of the firefly. Art exhibit? Maybe only open during real dusk?


"I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have."

~~ Leonardo da Vinci, last words