Contents of the Duderoom


Now that Drinkspiller's basement has been born anew, it reminds me of a story my father once told me in the hush of a moonless night. You see, he told me of a place, a fabled grotto, where dudes still roam free. It is called the Duderoom, and despite its gay porn name, it's as not gay porny as can be. Let the following list of contents be a testament to the Duderoom's not gay porniness, and please, fair dudes, consider testifying ... after all, this is YOUR Duderoom too ...
  • rug / dorm carpet (stain-friendly)
  • couch or two (stadium seating?)
  • lazy boy
  • tv (huge old-school RGB projector?)
  • lights (xmas)
  • neon sign ("Duderoom")
  • dorm fridge
  • art (street signs)
  • pisser (bucket?)
  • computer
  • stereo
  • dvd player
  • whiteboard w/mosaic border (not gay porny mosaic)
  • trash can
  • microwave
  • dartboard
  • shuffleboard table
  • instruments (slide whistle, turntables)
  • bar table
  • predator (Sharper Image)
  • lava lamp
  • pinball machine
  • whoopie cusion
  • secret handshake
  • firepole
  • TLC application for "While You Were Out"
  • ALF mask
  • floor piano from Big
  • proton packs (charged!)
  • Korean flag
  • nerf hoop
  • wo-mannequin
  • torpedo
  • periscope (see above)
  • sushi chef
  • coffee table w/infinite Subway drawer
  • slow toasting toaster (slowest possible)


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