Drinkspiller: Our next Rituallab experiment should be our wedding Kiosk
DefectiveGuru: Maybe we should make a wedding widget. The name is funny, anyway.
Drinkspiller: I had one that counted down the days to THE day
Drinkspiller: it even automagically found my wedding in my outlook calendar
DefectiveGuru: Was it in the shape of a little hang-man?
Drinkspiller: and used that as the date to count to
Drinkspiller: heh
Drinkspiller: your idea is better!
DefectiveGuru: actually, that DOES spark an idea.
DefectiveGuru: You know how you can get the daily tear-off calendars (word of the day, etc)
Drinkspiller: yes
DefectiveGuru: imagine a countdown widget, like for a wedding, that every day had a new illustration of some sort that elaborated on an ongoing story... "How I got roped, hogtied, and dragged to the altar."
Drinkspiller: lol
DefectiveGuru: Sort of a little personalized comic strip delivered to you, but with a storyline related to an event that was actually happening for you.
Drinkspiller: so, do you see sequential scenes, or do you see a single scene revealed over time?
DefectiveGuru: I was thinking the latter, but it could be some combination of both. Or even sort of treat it like a TV serial... week-long sub-stories, but with cliff-hangers so that its kind of on-going for however long is needed.
Drinkspiller: sorry, I don't think I meant scene, I think I meant frame. Do you see a series of frames that tell the story leading up to the date?
Drinkspiller: that's a great idea, dude
DefectiveGuru: yes, I think just one 'frame' per day.
Drinkspiller: even better if it was a strip that was launched from 9am to 5 pm
Drinkspiller: like seeing a dilbert strip over the course of the day
Drinkspiller: "tune in!"
Drinkspiller: (different idea than the countdown)
DefectiveGuru: actually, thats something that makes a lot of sense for a widget. Like, I'd never bother to go visit a website multiple times a day to "tune in" to an ongoing comic strip... but if the strip were 'playing out' over the course of the day in the corner of my desktop, that could be really cool.
DefectiveGuru: Imagine this:
DefectiveGuru: "The office" TV show, but occuring as a pseudo IM conversation that plays in real time over the course of the day.
DefectiveGuru: So every now and then you see a tidbit of IM conversation between two characters in an established story. "O.M.G. Pam, did you see what Dwight just stuffed into his pants?"
DefectiveGuru: It's IMBrilliant meets serialized entertainment meets widget delivery.
DefectiveGuru: Admit it, you lost interest at "hello".


At 12/1/06 10:06 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

How difficult would it be the rig the widget API to publish in real time a multi-party conversation? To what "channels" could audiences subscribe?


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