Feedback welcome. Icepack requested.



At 11/17/06 12:01 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Perfect, don't change a thing! :P

(More cocktwisting, maybe ...)

At 11/17/06 8:32 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

two executions in the span of a month - well done!

At 11/17/06 9:58 AM, Blogger hebchop said...

very nice. has this been submitted to youtube yet?

maybe we should make a YouTube director's account such projects.

who decide what gets produced? i'd love to get involved in the production aspect.

At 11/17/06 11:15 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Yeah, I've set up a RitualLab account on YouTube. We'd like to do some tweaking to this and the Life of Art peice, but I think both should be posted thereafter.

Personally, I'd like to execute another before the end of the year. Be that what? I dunno.

I'm currently collaborating with digital cowboy on that liftracer game (which I think you've seen). It'll involve art direction and interface and 3d work, as well as physics and gameplay testing. Any takers?

At 11/17/06 11:19 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

I'm in for interface & gameplay testing! Send me more info on the particulars regarding what / when / how.


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