As every RitualLabber knows, the toughest part is the follow-through. Perhaps it's the ease at which ideas (of any quality) come to the surface that makes production formidable by contrast. There's no shame in that; doing is difficult, particularly when perfectionists are at the helm.

So here's the simple first step toward doing it: document it. The fabled moleskine may be the best home for the concept-nostalgic, but blogs take all the excuses out of the act of sharing ideas and igniting imagination. So consider this a challenge: for five consecutive days in Blogtember (née November), post an entry to this blog (or your personal site or wherever) to document a now-hushed idea. I'd suggest no limitations -- other than your post be a new topic and not a comment thereto -- but feel free to ignore even that.

Five posts in five days.

This is my first.


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