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Anyone interested in the development of an MM zombie game? I would like to schedule a round table w/ beers for any interested parties to discuss creative direction and resources. I have a few interested parties outside of RL, and I want to see how much firepower we have if such a thing were to go into development.

For discussion, Approach:
  • ground up development
  • modding existing game
  • pitching to game developers.
And look at / discuss a few games out there;
Also, does anyone have a connection to these guys? It would be nice to have an endorsement of the zombie squad, they have a LARGE following and they are local.

i would prefer to meet after redbird season, or on an off night. any takers?


At 10/19/06 4:29 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Chops, you know I'm in it.

I have about twenty scattered pages of a peicemeal zombie game creative brief (as well as some explorations of the Zombie Squad brand, incidentally) that, while perhaps not ready for public consumption, might provide for good brain fodder.


At 10/19/06 5:30 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

I'd love to sink my teeth into a game. Count me in.

At 10/24/06 11:48 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

Just in case we need to roll our own Zombie game and develop it ourselves, Microsoft is releasing tools for developing Xbox 360 and PC games later this year.

At 10/24/06 3:47 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

Also, a framework for building the game universe will soon be available.

At 11/3/06 11:45 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

A zombie-infested world will always be ripe for an MMORPG, no doubt. But another wasteland universe has been tickling my thoughts recently: the post-apocalyptic violence carnival of MAD MAX.


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