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check out the 'black box' entry from 28 september and the 'live interface' entry from 6 july



At 10/18/06 9:28 AM, Blogger hebchop said...

that black box is a beaut. I love the dynamic interface. I've always questioned whether there would be enough tactile feedback though.

At 10/18/06 9:43 AM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

tactile feedback indeed.... how long until a dynamic tactile interface is created? Can you see the button ridges rising off the flat surface? And then receding? A three-dimensional fade between interface layouts...

At 10/18/06 10:11 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Why topographic tactile feedback? What about electrical feedback, a capability inherent in existing technology? Equipped monitors could isolate and focus mild static surface charges atop visual cues (buttons, etc), that could react to button "press" by blinking out or blipping.

At 10/18/06 10:48 AM, Blogger hebchop said...

i think being able to dial/navigate without looking would be important, but a "hover state" like a reversed out high glow image would be nice, similar to the way a stylus works.

At 10/18/06 1:44 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

I just shared this thread with my colleague (lois lewis) and she suggested using heat as a feedback mechanism for the screen.

Can we distinguish fine differences in temperature to be able to distinguish the digits 0 through 9?

But would we have to? Keyboards have little nubbins on the F and J to allow you blindly orient your hands on the keyboard into the QWERTY position - would that work for a virtual keyboard on a flat surface, whose F and J keys were much warmer than the others, with a light tap as you key?

Would this also work to orient your fingers on the dial pad for a cell phone? Allowing you to quickly orient on the 5 in the middle of the keypad?

At 10/18/06 2:12 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

>Can we distinguish fine differences
>in temperature to be able to
>distinguish the digits 0 through 9?

Perhaps, but likely with excruciatingly greater effort/learning than simply looking at the number.

Maybe the application is more appropriate as a braile alternative, but for the sighted, looking probably is best.

At 10/18/06 2:15 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

quite right, but I stick with the idea as a way to compliment a visual display with non-visual elements, so one can use the device without looking

At 10/18/06 3:03 PM, Blogger hebchop said...

This will probably be a good test bed, if it truley will ever exist.


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