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At lunch a colleague of mine mentioned he preferred to read material printed out, as opposed to on screen. I'm the same way. I wonder why that is? Could it be that we are so accustomed, from a young age, to reading on a non-flat surface such as a floppy newspaper, floppy paper, floppy magazine, floppy book pages rounding out from the binding - that reading on a completely flat surface is just uncomfortable? That our entire perception system is hard wired to read from non-flat surfaces? If we can lay our hands on a flexible screen that bends and flops like real paper, will that work better?

I suspect it would be more comfortable, and the company to bring to market a screen that is most paper-like first will dominate the market.

What say you monkeys?


At 10/18/06 2:20 PM, Blogger Spannie said...

For me the issue is not the flexible tactile nature of paper, but the fact that it doesnt glow.

Paper has a comfortable flatness (ie: tone) to it that makes it enjoyable to read for hours without headaches or strain.

Conceptually, if a flexible screen existed that was high contrast but not backlit, that might get closer.


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