semi-physical chat rooms


PlaceSite takes the idea of social websites to the local realm of wi-fi hotspots. Get to know your neighbors and the neighborhood your sitting in from your wi-fi start page.

I've often thought that chat rooms & on-line social systems deteriorate the "real" human interaction methods. But the the PlaceSite team makes some good points to counter that idea.


At 8/7/06 9:29 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

This shows promise, particularly once everyone's toting web-enabled PDAs / phones.

However, isn't this the bedraggled cousin of the virtual meetup booth in the local bar? (I think most of you were privvy to that idea, wherein we discussed installing specialized, wired booths into pubs of blueberry-hill's "lookie-at-this-neat-thing" genre. Using a system of webcams and plasma screens, patrons could have a beer with other booth users across town, the state, or the globe ...)

What I'm saying is, I need $800k to get this idea developed. From each of you.


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