The RedBull winner


What cart shall we race down St Louis during the RedBull competition? This is no small question. Is it creative and unique? Is it cheeky? Is it sacrilegious?

It must be all of these things.

So - my friends in conceptual crime, I ask you, "What would Indy do?"

He would put top men on the job. Who, you ask? TOP MEN.


At 8/16/06 2:02 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

The Kar of the Covenant? I'm in. (Though by in, I do not mean in that vehicle, because for god's sake, Nathan is the one who risks life and limb.)

Registration closes August 28, and the site goes to lengths to suggest that suckabitches who squeak in just before the deadline probably need not register at all.

Skye and James both mentioned interest in participating. I reckon they're both tiny enough to grab the poles and run.

At 8/16/06 4:17 PM, Blogger drinkspiller said...

I'm still in. I think Ryan is our driver. The man has interviewed Richard Petty for Chrissakes.

At 8/16/06 4:39 PM, Blogger d.g. said...

Awesome. Should the support crew wear Moses beards, egyptian laborer robes, or Nazi uniforms?

Naturally we'll need Indy to run through the crowd yelling "Whatever happens, keep your eyes CLOSED!!"

And I don't think the timeframe will be a problem since we won't need to bother with a steering mechanism. (The Will of God, and all that.)

At 8/17/06 9:36 AM, Blogger Spannie said...

ok - lets talk specifics.

We will need a basic metal frame, four wheels (two fixed, two adjustable), some mechanism for steering (could be moved by feet like an old school sled), and a mechanism for stopping (dragging feet flintstone style is not acceptable).

Once we have this basic setup, the rest is dress and polish.

So, does anyone have a hookup at a bike shop?

At 8/17/06 10:36 AM, Blogger Bizzle B said...

When is the race?

At 8/17/06 11:26 AM, Blogger jimmychou said...

I have tons of bike parts laying around. . . and hookups at a couple of bike shops. The hard part though, is figuring out how we rig up the "smoke-screen" machine, a-la Spy Hunter.

At 8/17/06 12:35 PM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

A couple considerations on the theme:

1) Perhaps Indy is inside and piloting the Ark, sans cherub wings? Perhaps Moses? Something about driver-as-cherub makes it feel disjointed from the Indy theme (tho it's damn clever) ...

2) If Indiana is the theme of choice, what about a runaway mining cart from Temple of Doom, complete with animatronic Short Round and Willie?

Bizzle: The race is October 28.

At 8/17/06 2:27 PM, Blogger Spannie said...

Alternatively, our cart could be a big wicker basket. We could have one of our ladies pilot it down the hill screaming "Iiiiiiiiiindiiiiiiiiiiieeee!!"

At 8/17/06 3:31 PM, Blogger d.g. said...

Well, whatever the actual car is, it gets chased by a giant boulder, right?

At 8/17/06 3:34 PM, Blogger d.g. said...

I think if the car is the Ark of the Covenant, we need to be sure that it leaves a trail of 10-commandment tablet sand and dust in its wake. Perhaps this ties in to James' 'smoke-screen' concept?


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