Virtual Fireflies


Create a realistic looking forest sceen at dusk. Flowing water? Add CGI fireflies, different colors, maybe have them create different tones when they glow. A bug symphony? Sounds fade in and out and pan left, right, up, down with the movement of the firefly. Art exhibit? Maybe only open during real dusk?


At 5/20/06 11:57 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

Real-time weather / light conditions? Modified by viewer (bio-feedback mechanism)?

Is it possible to manifest "fireflies" as gently bobbing points of light in a smoky room? A chill lounge? Can you set the focal point of a beam of light, or strike a point in space from two angles in order to create the illusion of a hovering low?

At 5/20/06 3:37 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

Apparently, yes, they can be manifested, provided there is smoke or some other substance that can reflect the light, and two invisible lasers are used such that when they intersect a visible dot of light is produced.


At 5/22/06 9:39 AM, Blogger tokyocrunch said...

More proof of concept here.

At 5/23/06 10:44 PM, Blogger Nathan Verrill said...

So, the trick is to get our hands on this thing, or similar, and do something simple and elegant with it, instead of going "over the top".


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