Lab Results 093005


RitualLab is Collaborative Creative Advancement
willing / habitual / truthful

"must first have balance"
art \ science
restraint \ passion
chaos \ order
(NOT gong \ chinese man)

Themes titled thusly: "love \ hate"

BALANCE prevents the emergence of a "winner". The ideas equally oppose one another, so neither prevails. Result: tension without release OR tension with delayed release.

THE BEST IDEA (most effective at communicating with audience, most satisfying to create / produce) WINS

Know your opponent. Your opponent is YOU.

PREP YOUR SHIT and determine feasibility before engaging.


Don't explain it away.

Develop Ritual scores.

/\/\/\/\/\ TRUNK /\/\/\/\/\ LIMB /\/\/\/\/\ BRANCH /\/\/\/\/
Interview technique: handing cards in public.

20 minute warm up experiments.


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